Thesis / Project Option

About the Thesis / Project Option

This option offers students the opportunity to complete sustained original research or creative activity. Students in the sciences and humanities advance their research skills significantly, while students in the creative arts and technologies polish and perfect their crafts. The thesis/project requires students to examine complex concepts and issues carefully, and their work is expected to meet the scholarly standards of their discipline and of the Honors College.

Important Notice

In an effort to provide students with an exceptional academic experience, the Honors College seeks to designate courses for Honors credit taught by some of the most rigorous faculty in the university. Students are strongly encouraged to approach course instructors who are full-time, tenured/tenure track faculty members or lecturers in the student's academic major for the Honors Senior Project. In order to ensure rigor and maintain consistency, graduate students and part-time, adjunct faculty members should not supervise an Honors Senior Project. Any exceptions to this policy must be reviewed and approved by the Honors College.

Units or Departments that accept the Thesis / Project Option

Units or Departments listed below accept the thesis as a Senior Project option. Where a department has not yet decided, the thesis is the only option until an official decision is announced. If you have questions about the thesis/project, speak with your departmental adviser or one of the Honors advisers. Departments that are grey do not accept this option.

  • Architecture ‡
  • Business §
  • Education §
  • Engineering §
      (includes the Group Project)
  • Nursing §
  • Social Work §
  • Urban and Public Affairs (Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • § All departments in this unit allow this option.
  • Liberal Arts
  • – Anthropology
  • – Art/Art History ‡
  • – Communications
  • – Criminology/Criminal Justice
  • – English
  • – History
  • – Modern Languages
  • – Music ‡
  • – Philosophy
  • – Political Science
  • – Sociology
  • – Theatre Arts ‡
  • Science
  • – Biology
  • – Chemistry/Biochemistry
  • – Geology
  • – Mathematics
  • – Physics
  • – Psychology

‡ Creative Activity is also available.

Sample Theses

These sample theses were chosen due to the robustness of the research and the resulting product. As additional exemplary theses are identified, they will be added here.


Liberal Arts


Interdisciplinary Studies