Honors College Scholarships

The Honors College offers numerous scholarships each year. Scholarships are awarded on a merit basis.

Comprehensive Honors Scholarship Applications online or in paper version in the Honors College. Scholarship Applications are typically available in March with a deadline for submission before the end of the Spring semester. The Scholarship Committee may not consider late application or supporting material submissions. Scholarship awards are allocated for the following academic year (Fall and Spring semesters). Honors College and additional scholarship opportunities are advertised on the Honors Listserv, mailings, and special clinics. Please contact an Honors College Adviser for more information about scholarship opportunities.

A Scholarship Committee comprised of Honors staff and faculty review applications and consider ALL of the following factors presented in an application:

  1. Cumulative grade point average, test scores, and class rank, as appropriate
    Incoming freshmen scholarship applicants should be in the top 10% of their graduating class and have a combined Critical Reading and Math SAT score of 1270 SAT or a 27 ACT score. Continuing and transfer students should have a 3.35 GPA or higher.

  2. Essays and letters of recommendation
    Typically, the Scholarship application requires that an essay be written by the student to address a particular topic. Essays that provide information not apparent by the rest of the application and lead to a greater understanding of the applicant are indications of a mature Honors student. We recommend that students visit with tutors in the English Writing Center, 4th Floor of the Central Library and online, for help constructing polished application essays. In addition, the Scholarship application requires letters of recommendation from an objective source who can attest to the academic ability and motivation of an applicant. We recommend that students foster relationships with their professors that will lead to strong letters of recommendation in the future. Also, we recommend that students request letters of recommendation from their mentors with enough notice that they can produce a letter easily within the scholarship deadline. Late and missing materials can hinder the rating of an application.

  3. Campus, community, and Honors College involvement
    Students who show a strong commitment to the UTA campus, local community, and the Honors College, in addition to a strong academic life, are considered well-rounded, responsible citizens. The Honors College supports the development of students beyond their curricular goals. We recommend that students pursue their interests and carefully document those experiences in a resume attachment to Scholarship applications.

  4. Student progress toward obtaining an Honors degree
    The Scholarship Committee will consider the length of time a student has been a member of the Honors College and the number of Honors hours a student has completed. Juniors and Senior Honors College students should show evidence of work on their Research Methods and/or Honors thesis to be competitive for funding. Regular use of the Honors College Degree Audit can help students monitor their academic progress.