Welcome From the Dean

The College of Liberal Arts (CoLA) is an intellectually diverse college within our diverse university. The college includes departments that represent the social sciences, humanities, and fine arts. CoLA faculty and students pursue creative activity and scholarship that is on the cutting edge of disciplines from theatre arts to philosophy, from criminology to modern languages, from sociology to visual communication.

CoLA students choose tried and true academic paths such as history and political science, as well as exploring interdisciplinary minors and certificates in areas like technical writing, forensic science, disability studies, and medical humanities. In each area of study our students work closely with world-class faculty to learn not only transferrable skills and standards, but also industry culture and professionalism.

Our college emphasizes student engagement through study abroad, internships, and service learning. Liberal arts students from UTA can be found within larger communities, serving as medical interpreters and poll officials, music teachers and legal volunteers. CoLA students go on to succeed within countless workplaces and professions that require teamwork, problem solving, creativity, research aptitude, and adaptability.