MFA: Intermedia Studio

The Master of Fine Arts in Studio Intermedia will integrate a broad range of technical, conceptual and aesthetic practices. It is an approach to art that advocates the crossing of borders, the blending of disciplinary frameworks and the development of shared languages. The program demands a deviation from conventional usage of both techniques and practices in favor of a collaborative environment where students must expand and reconsolidate connections between media, studio art, technology and critical analysis.

Some of the goals of the program are:

  • to assist in the development of students into professional artists who are committed to diverse thematic issues and media
  • to encourage exploration of potent content that successfully integrates combined media (both traditional and nontraditional) in order to engage the public
  • to assist students in their understanding of the resonant power of art history, theory and criticism
  • to continually challenge students to discuss and interpret their work both verbally and in written form

In preparation for careers as professional artists, Studio Intermedia graduate students are expected to participate in interdisciplinary research and production that engages resources of the department and university. They are also encouraged to actively join in the cultural life of the university and community, as well as participate in professional conferences, screenings and exhibition opportunities and work with non-profit agencies as appropriate.