Art History Paper by Undergraduate Student Susan Zelaya Published

Saturday, Oct 30, 2021

Susana Escobar Zelaya



Susana Escobar Zelaya, an undergraduate Honors College student who studied with Distinguished University Professor Dr. Mary Vaccaro, in her “Studies in Baroque” art history course last fall, recently published a research paper written for the class in the journal Global Insight. Zelaya researched the topic of racial hierarchy and casta paintings in New Spain for the paper. “The Remains of Castas in Latin America” was published in volume 2 of the journal in October 2021 and discusses Casta paintings, which were predominantly produced in colonial Mexico. These paintings represent different racial classifications and emphasize clothing and setting to distinguish social and economic standings. 


Global Insight: A Journal of Critical Human Science and Culture is a published by the McDowell Center for Global Studies with the help of UTA Libraries. The McDowell Center’s mission is to “cultivate global understanding through an open exchange of ideas between UTA and communities across the world.” Submissions were selected by a double-blind peer review process and “will be available to a wide, international audience in an online platform via academic hosts and vendors as well as a limited print run.”