Patryk Babiracki

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University (2008)

Associate Professor (2009)

Patryk Babiracki

Email: patryk@uta.edu

Office: 310 University Hall

Areas: Modern Russia, Eastern Europe, International History, Culture and Society

David Baillargeon

Ph.D., University of California Santa Barbara (2018)

Assistant Professor (2021)

David Baillargeon

Email: david.baillargeon@uta.edu

Office: 323 University Hall

Areas: Modern Britain, British Empire, Colonial Southeast Asia

Kimberly Breuer

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University (2004)

Associate Professor of Instruction (2004)

Kim Breuer

Email: breuer@uta.edu

Office: 314 University Hall

Areas: Colonial Latin America, Mesoamerican Indians, Comparative Colonial History, World History

Elisabeth A. Cawthon

Ph.D., University of Virginia (1985)

Associate Professor & Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Elisabeth Cawthon

Email: cawthon2@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-3291

Office: 210 University Hall

Areas: Tudor-Stuart and Modern England, Anglo-American Legal and Constitutional History

Stephanie Cole


Associate Professor & Associate Chair, M.A. Graduate Advisor (Department of History)

Stephanie Cole

Areas: U.S. Social History, Women's History, Race & Gender from a Regional Perspective

Paul Conrad

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin (2011)

Assistant Professor (2015)

Paul Conrad

Email: paul.conrad@uta.edu

Office: 322 University Hall

Areas: Native American History, North American West, History of Slavery

Imre Demhardt

Ph.D., University of Frankfurt am Main (1995)

Professor & Garrett Endowed Chair in the History of Cartography (2008)

Imre Demhardt

Email: demhardt@uta.edu

Office: 348 University Hall

Areas: History of Cartography, Exploration, Geography, Colonialism, Travel & Tourism

John Garrigus

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University (1988)

Professor (2006)

John Garrigus

Email: garrigus@uta.edu

Office: 343 University Hall

Areas: Atlantic and Caribbean History, French America, Haitian Revolution

Sam W. Haynes

Ph.D., University of Houston (1988)

Professor & Director, Center for Greater Southwestern Studies (1993)

Sam Haynes

Email: haynes@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2887

Office: 650 University Library

Areas: Texas History, 19th-Century U.S

David LaFevor

Ph.D, Vanderbilt University (2011)

Associate Professor (2013)

David LaFevor

Email: dlafevor@uta.edu

Office: 327 University Hall

Areas: Modern Latin America, transnational cultural/social history

Andrew J. Milson

Ph.D., University of Georgia (1999)

Professor (2010)

Andrew Milson

Email: milson@uta.edu

Office: 344 University Hall

Areas: Historical Geography of the U.S., Human Geography, Geographic Education, GIS

Christopher C. Morris

Ph.D., University of Florida (1991)

Professor (1992)

Christopher Morris

Email: morris@uta.edu

Office: 346 University Hall

Areas: Early National Period, Southern History, U.S. Social History

David Narrett

Ph.D., Cornell University (1981)

Professor (1984)

David Narrett

Email: narrett@uta.edu

Office: 345 University Hall

Areas: U.S. History, Colonial and Revolutionary America, American Frontier Development

Scott W. Palmer

Ph.D. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (1997)

Professor & Chair (2016)

Scott Palmer

Email: scott.palmer@uta.edu

Office: 202A University Hall

Areas: Russia, Modern Europe, Technology & Science, Military History

Delaina Price

Ph.D., Yale University (2017)

Assistant Professor (2018), Fenton Wayne Robnett Fellow in American History

Delaina Price

Email: delaina.price@uta.edu

Office: 319 University Hall

Areas: Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century US History, African-American History

Sarah Rose

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago (2008)

Associate Professor (2009)

sarah rose

Email: srose@uta.edu

Office: 328 University Hall

Areas: Disability History, U.S. Policy History, U.S. Labor History, Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Cristina Salinas

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin (2011)

Associate Professor (2012)

Cristina Salinas

Email: csalinas@uta.edu

Office: 326 University Hall

Areas: Mexican-American History, U.S.-Mexico Border, Labor History

Gerald Saxon

Ph.D., North Texas University (1979) ; National Archival Certification by Academy of Certified Archivists (1989)

Associate Professor (1987)

Gerald Saxon

Email: saxon@uta.edu

Office: 320 University Hall

Areas: U.S., Texas, Oral History, Archival Science

Charles Travis

PhD., Trinity College, University of Dublin (2006)

Assistant Professor (2016)

Charles Travis

Email: charles.travis@uta.edu

Office: 325 University Hall

Areas: Humanities Geographical Information Science Theory, Methods and Applications; Digital and Environmental Humanities

Kenyon Zimmer

Ph.D., Pittsburgh (2010)

Associate Professor & Ph.D. Advisor

Kenyon Zimmer

Email: kzimmer@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2869

Office: 332A University Hall

Areas: US History; Migration, Labor and Ethnic History, Gilded Age and Progressive Era, History of Radicalism

James Sandy

Ph.D., Texas Tech University (2016)

Assistant Professor of Instruction

James Sandy

Email: james.sandy@uta.edu

Office: 228A University Hall

Areas: American Martial Culture, Special Warfare, & American Culture

Affiliated Faculty

Eric Bolsterli

Ph.D., University of Arkansas (1998)

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs (1994)

Eric Bolsterli

Email: ericjb@uta.edu

Office: 219 University Hall

Areas: Recent U.S.; Business and Economic History

Kenton Rambsy

Ph.D., University of Kansas (2015)

Assistant Professor of English (2015)

Kenton Rambsy

Email: rambsy@uta.edu

Office: 413 Carlisle Hall

Areas: Modern and Contemporary African-American Culture; Digital Humanities; Data Analytics; Text Mining

Adjunct Faculty

Karen Beasley

Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington (2016)

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Karen Beasley

Email: Karen.Beasley@uta.edu

Office: 350 University Hall

Areas: Transatlantic History, Film & History, Classic Hollywood and British Film, U.S. History

Rachel Berndtson

Ph.D., University of Maryland (2014)

Rachel Berndtson

Areas: Human Geography, World Regional Geography, Religious Landscapes of the U.S.

Kristan Foust

Ph.D. University of North Texas

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Kristan Foust

Email: kristan.foust@uta.edu

Office: 350 University Hall

Areas: Greek and Roman History. Medieval and Ancient Near East

Wendell A. Hunnicutt

Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington (2010)

Senior Lecturer/Undergraduate Advisor

Wendell Hunnicutt

Email: hunnicut@uta.edu

Office: 339 University Hall

Areas: Early Modern Europe - 16th-18th centuries. Legal and judicial processes, especially judicial punishment. Gender and sexuality issues

Jennifer S. Lawrence

Ph.D., Texas A&M University (2004)

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Jennifer Lawrence

Email: jlawrenc@exchange.uta.edu

Office: 350 University Hall

Areas: World War I, 20th Century U.S., Texas History