Name Dissertations in Progress

Brandon Blakeslee

Dissertation Title: “Foot-ball! Turning Colombian Boys into Patriotic Men: How Sport and Education Developed Early Twentieth-Century Colombian Nationalism”

Advisor: David LaFevor

Sebastian Fuentes

Dissertation Title: "'Your Reactions to Photos…Sought': Gay Male Consumerism and Identity Construction in the Pre-Stonewall Era"

Advisor: Stephanie Cole

Lisa Gabbert

Dissertation Title: “Weaving Empire: The Role of Wool, the Subjected, the Enslaved, and the Convicted in Building the British Empire”

Advisor: Christopher Morris

Charles Grand

Dissertation Title: “Contours of Liberation: Language, Empire, and Pan-Africanism in the Western Hemisphere, 1900-1955”

Advisor: David LaFevor

William Hansard

Dissertation Title: “Working for Peanuts: Labor, Geography, and Class Composition in the American Circus Industry, 1872-1937”

Advisor: Kenyon Zimmer

John Harris

Dissertation Title: “Pirates, Planters, and Proprietors: Statecraft and Slave Societies in the Early English Caribbean, 1595-1649”

Advisor: Christopher Morris

Kevin Moskowitz

Dissertation Title: "Detroit Muscle: Automobile Manufacturing and the Middle West, 1913-1959"

Advisor: Scott W. Palmer

Jacqueline Zeledon

Dissertation Title: “Creating the ‘American Riviera’: Twentieth Century Community Builders in Santa Barbara, California”

Advisor: Robert Fairbanks