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New June 2022 Publication by Heather Jacobson

In this new article, Heather Jacobson and colleague Virginie Rozée (INED, France (The French Institute for Demographic Studies)) examine assumptions about surrogacy and argue for a more nuanced approach to research on third-party pregnancy using empirical and ethnographic data.

Link to Dr. Jacobson's June 2022 article

March 2022 Publication by Heather Jacobson

Interested in the temporal limits of fertility and reproductive timing? Check out this new article by our own Heather Jacobson in which she proposes a new concept: the ART Clock.

Link to Dr. Jacobson's March 2022 article

Christian Zlolniski awarded NSF grant

The National Science Foundation awarded Christian Zlolniski, Professor of Anthropology, a $255,000 grant to study the labor and environmental implications of natural resources being marketed as sustainably sourced products.

Link to news article

New publication by Bob Young

Perceiving morality in everyday life: This research addresses the ways in which morality and immorality are perceived by individuals, not only in the actions of others, but also in the inanimate objects of encountered in everyday life.

Link to Dr. Young's article

Heather Jacobson NPR Interview

Dr. Jacobson was interviewed on the North Carolina NPR show Embodied about her surrogacy research.

Link to Dr. Jacobson's Podcast

Ashley Lemke Field School in the News

Dr. Lemke's 2021 underwater archaeology field school is featured in this episode of Shipwreck School.

Link to the video

New Publication by Kelly Bergstrand

Recently published in Social Movement Studies "Targeted Appeals: Online Social Movement Frame Packaging and Tactics Customized for Youth" is coauthored with Monica Whitham (Associate Professor of Sociology, Oklahoma State University). It investigates how social movement organizations tailor their frames and tactics to appeal to different age groups, including young children.

Link to article

Naomi Cleghorn's work featured in Leakey Foundation Science Talk

Dr. Cleghorn's fieldwork in South Africa was the feature of this recent Leakey Foundation Lunch Break Science Talk.

Link to the video

Shelley Smith interview for Sausage of Science podcast

Dr. Smith remembers C. Loring Brace on the Human Biology Association's podcast.

Link to Dr. Smith's Podcast

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