Faculty & Staff Directory

Faculty and Staff

Dr. David Arditi, PhD from George Mason University, 2012

Associate Professor, Sociology

Director of the Center for Theory

David Arditi

Research Specializations: Cultural studies; cultural sociology; science technology & society; digital studies; popular culture; and social theory.

Dr. Krystal Beamon, PhD from Oklahoma State University, 2005

Associate Professor, Sociology

Krystal Beamon

Research Specializations: Race and ethnicity; sociology of sport; qualitative methods; and inequality.

Dr. Kelly Bergstrand, PhD from University of Arizona, 2015

Associate Professor, Sociology

Director of Graduate Studies

Kelly Bergstrand

Email: kelly.bergstrand@uta.edu

Office: 425 University Hall (UH)

Research Specialization: Social movements; environmental sociology; and social psychology

Dr. Naomi Cleghorn, PhD from Stony Brook University, 2006;

Associate Professor, Anthropology

Associate Chair, Anthropology Program Director

Naomi Cleghorn

Research Specialization: Bioarchaeology; zooarchaeology; human osteology; Old World prehistory and human origins; the archaeology of Neanderthals and early modern humans; biological anthropology.

Dr. Christian Crowder, PhD from University of Toronto, 2005

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Forensic Anthropologist, Dallas County Medical Examiner Office

christian crowder

Research Specializations: Forensic Anthropology

Lauren Dent, PhD from University of North Texas, 2021

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology

lauren dent

Research Specializations: Environmental hazards and disasters; climate change adaptation and emergency management in indigenous communities; sociology of media and culture; qualitative and quantitative sociological methods; sociological theory

Dr. Raymond Eve, PhD from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 1969

Professor Emeritus, Sociology

Raymond Eve

Research Specialization: Science v. religion; crime and deviance; and science and technology

Mark Graves

Administrative Assistant

mark graves

M. Faye Hanson-Evans, M.A. from University of Texas at Arlington, 2013

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology

Office Assistant

Faye Hanson Evans

Research Specializations: Stratification beliefs about the causes of poverty among and between racial and ethnic groups in the U.S.; sociology of poverty; and political sociology

Dr. Heather Jacobson, PhD from Brandeis University, 2006

Professor, Sociology

Director of Graduate Studies

Heather Jacobson

Research Specializations: Sociology of families; sociology of reproduction; and qualitative research methods

Dr. Dorothy Kalanzi, PhD from Texas Woman's University, 2008

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology

Dorothy Kalanzi

Research Specializations: Medical sociology; public health; gerontology; HIV/AIDS; Africa

Dr. Ritu Khanduri, PhD from the University of Texas-Austin, 2007

Associate Professor, Anthropology

Ritu Khanduri

Reaserch Specialization: Media; globalization; subaltern studies; gender; history; diaspora;

Dr. Robert Kunovich, PhD from The Ohio State University, 2001

Professor, sociology

Distinguished Teaching Professor

Robert Kunovich

Research Specialization: Science, technology, and risk; race, ethnicity, and nation; social stratification and inequality; political sociology; and quantitative research methods and statistics. 

Dr. Ashley Lemke, PhD from University of Michigan, 2016

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Ashley Lemke

Research Specialization: Anthropological archaeology; prehistory; hunter-gatherers; and underwater archaeology

Dr. Isabel Montemayor, PhD from Michigan State University, 2014

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Isabel Montemayor

Research Specializations: Influence and intersection of immigration policy and health care policy on transnational lives

LaDorna McGee, M.A. from University of Texas at Arlington, 2005

Academic Advisor II

Adjunct Assistant Professor

lacdorna mcgee

Email: ladorna@uta.edu

Office: 434 University Hall (UH)

Advising and Teaching Specialities: Student Development and Success; Career Advising. Deviance; Collective Behavior; Intercultural Communication; Statistics; Computer Applications; Urbanism.

Dr. Carrie Perkins, PhD from Southern Methodist University, 2019

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Carrie Perkins

Research Specializations: Forced migration and refugee studies; applied anthropology within international development and humanitarian assistance; urban agriculture and environmental protection in refugee assistance.

Dr. Karl Petruso, PhD from Indiana University, 1978

Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

Karl Petruso

Research Specializations: Aegean prehistory; classical archaeology; economic prehistory.

Dr. Luis F. B. Plascencia, Ph.D. from University of Texas at Austin, 2005

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Center for Mexican American Studies

Luis Plascencia

Research Specializations: Anthropology of law, human rights, political anthropology, economic anthropology, Latinos in the US, Mexico-US borderlands, transnational migration, nationalism & citizenship.

Dr. Linda Rouse, PhD from Florida State University, 1979

Associate Professor Emeritus, Sociology

Linda Rouse

Research Specializations: social psychology; sociology of family; education; and evaluation research

Dr. Joci Caldwell Ryan, PhD from Southern Methodist University, 1996; MPH from the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, 2010

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Joci Ryan

Research Specializations: Food and culture; gender and sexuality; medical anthropology; and African studies

Dr. Beth Anne Shelton, PhD from University of Texas at Austin, 1984

Professor, Sociology

Department Chair

Program Director of Sociology

Anne Shelton

Research Specializations: Gender, work, family and civic engagement.

Dr. Jason Shelton, PhD from University of Miami, 2005

Associate Professor, Sociology

Director of the Center for African American Studies

jason shelton

Research Specializations: Sociology of religion, black middle class culture and ideology, racial and ethnic attitudes, and debate over race versus class

Dr. Sara Skiles-duToit, PhD from University of Notre Dame, 2014

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology

Sara Skiles

Research Specializations: Cultural capital; aesthetic taste; symbolic boundaries; religious identification; and school sector differences

Dr. Shelley L. Smith, PhD from the University of Michigan, 1990

Professor, Anthropology

Shelley Smith

Research Specializations: Skeletal variation; human growth and development; and human evolution

Dr. Amy Speier, PhD from University of Pittsburgh, 2005

Associate Professor, Anthropology

Amy Speier

Research Specializations: Medical anthropology; gender; the anthropology of tourism; various types of health and medical tourism; and Central European Studies.

Pat Woodward

Senior Office Assistant

Pat Woodward

Dr. Robert Young, PhD from University of Michigan, 1982

Professor, Sociology

Robert Young

Research Specilizations: Social psychology and deviance

Dr. Christian Zlolniski, PhD from University of California-Santa Barbara

Professor, Anthropology

Director of the Center for Mexican American Studies

Christian Zlolniski

Research Specializations: Latinos in the U.S.; globalization; transnational migration; economic anthropology; and Mexico.