Anthropology Faculty

Anthropology Faculty

Dr. Naomi Cleghorn

Associate Chair, Anthropology Program Director

Associate Professor, Anthropology

PhD Stony Brook University, MA University of Texas at Austin

Naomi Cleghorn

Research Specialization: Bioarchaeology; zooarchaeology; human osteology; Old World prehistory and human origins; the archaeology of Neanderthals and early modern humans; biological anthropology.

Dr. Christian Crowder

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Forensic Anthropologist, Dallas County Medical Examiner Office

PhD University of Toronto

christian crowder

Research Specializations: Forensic Anthropology

Dr. Ritu Khanduri

Associate Professor, Anthropology

PhD University of Texas at Austin

Ritu Khanduri

Research Specialization: Media; globalization; subaltern studies; gender; history; diaspora;

Dr. Ashley Lemke

Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Anthropology Club Faculty Advisor

PhD University of Michigan

Ashley Lemke

Research Specialization: Anthropological archaeology; prehistory; hunter-gatherers; and underwater archaeology

Katrina Nuncio

Adjunct Assistant Professor

MA Anthropology University of Texas at Arlington

Dr. Carrie Perkins

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology

PhD Southern Methodist University

Carrie Perkins

Research Specializations: Forced migration and refugee studies; applied anthropology within international development and humanitarian assistance; urban agriculture and environmental protection in refugee assistance.

Dr. Karl Petruso

Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

PhD Indiana University

Karl Petruso

Research Specializations: Aegean prehistory; classical archaeology; economic prehistory.

Dr. Luis F. B. Plascencia

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Center for Mexican American Studies

Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin

Luis Plascencia

Research Specializations: Anthropology of law, human rights, political anthropology, economic anthropology, Latinos in the US, Mexico-US borderlands, transnational migration, nationalism & citizenship.

Dr. Joci Caldwell Ryan

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology

PhD Southern Methodist University

MPH the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth

Joci Ryan

Research Specializations: Food and culture; gender and sexuality; medical anthropology; and African studies

Dr. Shelley L. Smith

Professor, Anthropology

PhD University of Michigan

Shelley Smith

Research Specializations: Skeletal variation; human growth and development; and human evolution

Dr. Amy Speier

Associate Professor, Anthropology

Lambda Alpha Faculty Advisor

PhD University of Pittsburgh

Amy Speier

Research Specialization: Medical anthropology; gender; the anthropology of tourism; various types of health and medical tourism; and Central European Studies.

Dr. Christian Zlolniski

Professor, Anthropology

Director of the Center for Mexican American Studies

PhD University of California-Santa Barbara

Christian Zlolniski

Research Specializations: Latinos in the U.S.; globalization; transnational migration; economic anthropology; and Mexico.