Sociology Faculty

Sociology Faculty

Dr. David Arditi, PhD from George Mason University, 2012

Associate Professor, Sociology

Director of the Center for Theory

David Arditi

Research Specializations: Cultural studies; cultural sociology; science technology & society; digital studies; popular culture; and social theory.

Dr. Krystal Beamon, PhD from Oklahoma State University, 2005

Associate Professor, Sociology

Krystal Beamon

Research Specializations: Race and ethnicity; sociology of sport; qualitative methods; and inequality.

Dr. Kelly Bergstrand, PhD from University of Arizona, 2015

Associate Professor, Sociology

Director of Graduate Studies

Kelly Bergstrand


Office: 425 University Hall (UH)

Research Specialization: Social movements; environmental sociology; and social psychology

Lauren Dent, PhD from University of North Texas, 2021

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology

lauren dent

Research Specializations: Environmental hazards and disasters; climate change adaptation and emergency management in indigenous communities; sociology of media and culture; qualitative and quantitative sociological methods; sociological theory

Dr. Raymond Eve, PhD from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 1969

Professor Emeritus, Sociology

Raymond Eve

Research Specialization: Science v. religion; crime and deviance; and science and technology

M. Faye Hanson-Evans, M.A. from University of Texas at Arlington, 2013

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology

Office Assistant

Faye Hanson Evans

Research Specializations: Stratification beliefs about the causes of poverty among and between racial and ethnic groups in the U.S.; sociology of poverty; and political sociology

Dr. Heather Jacobson, PhD from Brandeis University, 2006

Professor, Sociology

Director of Graduate Studies

Heather Jacobson

Research Specializations: Sociology of families; sociology of reproduction; and qualitative research methods

Dr. Dorothy Kalanzi, PhD from Texas Woman's University, 2008

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology

Dorothy Kalanzi

Research Specializations: Medical sociology; public health; gerontology; HIV/AIDS; Africa

Dr. Robert Kunovich, PhD from The Ohio State University, 2001

Professor, sociology

Distinguished Teaching Professor

Robert Kunovich

Research Specialization: Science, technology, and risk; race, ethnicity, and nation; social stratification and inequality; political sociology; and quantitative research methods and statistics. 

LaDorna McGee, M.A. from University of Texas at Arlington, 2005

Academic Advisor II

Adjunct Assistant Professor

lacdorna mcgee


Office: 434 University Hall (UH)

Advising and Teaching Specialities: Student Development and Success; Career Advising. Deviance; Collective Behavior; Intercultural Communication; Statistics; Computer Applications; Urbanism.

Dr. Linda Rouse, PhD from Florida State University, 1979

Associate Professor Emeritus, Sociology

Linda Rouse

Research Specializations: social psychology; sociology of family; education; and evaluation research

Dr. Beth Anne Shelton, PhD from University of Texas at Austin, 1984

Professor, Sociology

Department Chair

Program Director of Sociology

Anne Shelton

Research Specializations: Gender, work, family and civic engagement.

Dr. Jason Shelton, PhD from University of Miami, 2005

Associate Professor, Sociology

Director of the Center for African American Studies

jason shelton

Research Specializations: Sociology of religion, black middle class culture and ideology, racial and ethnic attitudes, and debate over race versus class

Dr. Sara Skiles-duToit, PhD from University of Notre Dame, 2014

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology

Sara Skiles

Research Specializations: Cultural capital; aesthetic taste; symbolic boundaries; religious identification; and school sector differences

Dr. Robert Young, PhD from University of Michigan, 1982

Professor, Sociology

Robert Young

Research Specilizations: Social psychology and deviance