Department Staff

Department Staff

Mark Graves

Administrative Assistant

mark graves

M. Faye Hanson-Evans, M.A. from University of Texas at Arlington, 2013

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology

Office Assistant

Faye Hanson Evans

Research Specializations: Stratification beliefs about the causes of poverty among and between racial and ethnic groups in the U.S.; sociology of poverty; and political sociology

LaDorna McGee, M.A. from University of Texas at Arlington, 2005

Academic Advisor II

Adjunct Assistant Professor

lacdorna mcgee


Office: 434 University Hall (UH)

Advising and Teaching Specialities: Student Development and Success; Career Advising. Deviance; Collective Behavior; Intercultural Communication; Statistics; Computer Applications; Urbanism.

Pat Woodward

Senior Office Assistant

Pat Woodward