Graduate Degree Programs

The UTA Department of Biology is an exciting place to do research and to earn your advanced degree. The research faculty are dynamic, vibrant, good-natured and successful. We use cutting-edge techniques and equipment to answer questions at the forefront of human knowledge.

Master of Science in Biology

The program leading to the degree of Master of Science in biology is designed to provide graduate education that will prepare students for vocations in industry, government, and teaching, and to pursue further graduate education leading to the doctorate. Our program features Thesis and Non-Thesis options.

Master's Program

Ph.D. in Quantitative Biology

The doctoral program is designed to train students to apply sophisticated quantitative techniques to solving basic and applied problems in biology. Students in this program will attain substantially greater quantitative skills than in traditional doctoral programs in the biological sciences, providing them with a competitive advantage in business, industry, government, and academia.

Ph.D. Program