Liu honored as Fellow by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

J. Ping Liu, distinguished professor of physics at The University of Texas at Arlington, has been awarded a prestigious title for his important contributions to magnetics research.

Monday, Dec 06, 2021 • Greg Pederson :

 Ping Liu, professor of physics at The University of Texas at Arlington
Ping Liu, professor of physics at The University of Texas at Arlington

J. Ping Liudistinguished professor of physics at The University of Texas at Arlington, has been awarded a prestigious title for his important contributions to magnetics research.

Liu was named a Fellow by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology. The IEEE Board of Directors cited Liu for his contributions to research in permanent magnets and magnetic nanoparticle synthesis and characterization.

I am pleased that our research is being recognized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,” Liu said“This recognition is also an honor for my students and postdoc researchers, as well as for UTA. I am grateful for the long-term support I have received from my colleagues, the Department of Physics, and the College of Science.”

According to a letter sent to Liu from IEEE President and CEO Susan Land, less than 0.1 percent of the voting members of the Institute can be elevated to IEEE fellows each year. “You bring honor to yourself and to IEEE by your achievements,” Land said in the letter.

Liu’s research involves the development of advanced magnets that have high performance while containing fewer expensive materials. These advanced magnets can be used in nearly every industry and consumer device.

Liu, who joined the UTA College of Science in 2002, was nominated for the honor by the IEEE Magnetics Society, which focuses on matters involved in the fundamental development, design, and application of magnetic devices, including magnetic materials and phenomena.

I have been working in the research areas of permanent magnets and magnetic nanoparticles for decades,” Liu saidThese magnetic materials are the key for advanced technologies in clean energy and information storage, for instance in electric vehicles, windmill power generation, and hard disk drives in computers. My research group is one of the leading research laboratories in the world in these research fields.

Liu was previously honored for his significant contributions to nanocomposite magnet research when he was named a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS) in 2013.

College of Science Dean Morteza Khaledi congratulated Liu on the IEEE recognition and said the honor is well deserved.

“Dr. Liu has been a leader in magnetic nanocomposite research for two decades while also mentoring students and training them in this field,” Khaledi said. “The fact that he has now been named a fellow by organizations as prestigious and influential as IEEE and APS is evidence of the excellence of his work.”

Liu joins Purnendu “Sandy” Dasgupta, distinguished professor of chemistry and the Hamish Small Chair in Ion Analysis, as IEEE Fellows in the UTA College of ScienceDasgupta was honored in 2015 for his contributions to ion chromatography and analytical instrumentation for environmental studies.

IEEE Fellows must have accomplishments that have contributed importantly to the advancement or application of engineering, science, and technology, bringing the realization of significant value to society, according to the organization’s website.

Liu received the Distinguished Achievement Award at the 25th International Workshop on Rare-Earth Permanent Magnets in 2018, and he was inducted to the UTA Academy of Distinguished Scholars in 2014. He also received the UTA Outstanding Research Achievement Award in 2008 and the College of Science Outstanding Research Award in 2004.


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