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Waris KhuwajaWaris Khuwaja


Campus involvementHonors College Council; UTA Student Government 

Fun factsIs learning to play the violin, and loves to try making a new dish from different cuisines every week

As a child in Pakistan, where I was born and raised, I was always fascinated by how nature works. I started taking an interest in biology when I first saw microscopic organisms through microscope in fourth grade.

I love everything about biology, especially how organisms evolve over time and how genetics plays a major role in it. I also love to learn about the complex structures and processes in a living organism that seems simple, like a bacterium. Another reason I am studying biology is because it allows me to complete the prerequisites for and to become preparefor medical school, which I intend to apply for in the future. 

The main reason I decided to join UTA was the number of things that it has to offer. UTA is a campus with various opportunities, from student organizations to the ability to become involved in research. When I was looking for colleges, undergraduate research was the main thing that grasped my attention. Also, since I am a pre-med student, I liked the fact that UTA has pre-med advisors who are always available to help.

At UTA, there are a number of student organizations that are made especially for pre-medical students. Through participation in such organizations and with the help of the pre-health advisorin the College of Science, I can keep track of the subjects that I have completed to fulfill my pre-med prerequisites. These pre-health organizations and advisors also help me find various useful resources to prepare me for medical school. UTA's pre-health advisors always do their best to accommodate students.

One of my professors in the biology department has offered me an opportunity to get involved in undergraduate research, which I accepted. I’m very excited that I will soon be starting that. 

I am also part of the Honors College at UTA, and honors courses help me prepare for graduate school as they introduce me to new academic challenges. I am part of the Honors College Council and student government here at UTA. I have been serving as the Honors College Senator since the start of this semester. 

worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant for an evolution and ecology class during the fall semester, and I’m currently working as a grader for an environmental science class. I will be joining the Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS) next semester.

After completing my bachelors degree in biology, I intend to apply for medical school. I hope to see myself as a cardiologist in the future.