Simulation/VR Center, Home Health Center & Distance Ed Training Room

For our SSW Digital Learning and Simulation/VR Center, Home Health Center, and the Distance Education Training Room we will provide faculty, students, and staff with the capabilities to support pedagogical approaches that are engaging and innovative.  This technology supports better learning outcomes for online students, as well as integration with in-person classes.

The production spaces have professional full-time staff members present to support the needs of faculty, staff, and students with teaching, clinical practice simulation, virtual reality, research, and communication.

Someone using virtual reality equipment

Simulation/VR Center Capabilities/Services

  • Live Webcasting/Live Stream – Supports Simulation and Virtual Realty Training
  • Dynamic visual imagery and video editing/during recording and in post-production
  • Produce professional and engaging lecture videos for online, hybrid, and in-person courses
  • Capabilities of live streaming clinical practice courses for role playing both for in-person and online classes (simultaneously with both modes)
  • Conduct media interview training for faculty, students, staff, and alumni
  • Sound Booth incorporated into the studio to produce high-quality professional products
  • Set-up for Talk-Show format - live-streaming and recorded sessions
  • Set-up for live streaming with guest speakers from the studio, virtual reality, simulation theatre, and some classrooms.



Antwan C. Williams, J.D.
Asst. Director of Communications, Marketing, Recruiting, Admissions,
and Community Outreach

Phone: 817-272-6708
Office:  SWSH 203S

Jessica Davis
Marketing Manager
Phone:  817-272-3880
Office:  SWSH 203R

Jobanet Flores
Marketing Coordinator
Phone:  817-272-3870
Office:  SWSH 203L

Doughlas Gutierrez
Communications Assistant for Digital Media & Video Production
Reserve studio time: Book now
Phone: 817-272-6288
Office:  SWSH 207

Jaelon Jackson
Communications Specialist
Office:  SWSH 207

John Sevier
Web Developer
Phone:  817-272-6352
Office:  SWSH 203V