School of Social Work Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Calendar


Numerous cultural, racial, and ethnic groups have struggled to gain recognition of their history and traditions as part of the United States. Through their efforts many cultural celebrations have been expanded from single days, to entire weeks, to full months acknowledged by the United States government. In acknowledging and celebrating these groups, especially those represented within the SSW, across UTA Campus and our local/global community, we will host a monthly event: Thursday Talks and Treats. Thursday Talks and Treats invites the SSW community to join in a discussion of the current state of affairs for each of the celebrated groups (a different group each month) and how social workers can support them. JOIN US in the courtyard on THIRD THURSDAYS for this social activity to celebrate diversity. Bring your lunch, the DESSERT will be on us!

We will also post on the DEI board in Building A of the SSW with an acknowledgement of the contributions of a pioneer in social work from each cultural group. We will also highlight any work that school socials workers within the SSW are doing to support these groups. Lastly, we will link to the university wide events happening in support of each cultural heritage month. Let’s celebrate the richness of these groups that make our country what it is!