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School of Social Work’s Race, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Video Playlist

King of the World Podcast

King of the World Podcast

A seven-part podcast series about a Pakistani American Muslim teenager who comes of age post-9/11

Tools for Social Workers

  1. Profession: A Systematic Review of the Literature on Antigay Bias, Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services Jill M. Chonody & Kenneth Scott Smith(2013)The State of the Social Work,25:3,326-361,DOI:

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  3. The Role of Religion and Spirituality in Social Work Practice: Views and Experiences of Social Workers and Students. Gilligan, P. (2005). British Journal of Social Work,36(4), 617-637. doi:

Strategies & Tools for the Classroom and Institutions of Higher Education

    1. CSWE Educator Resources
    2. Disability-Competent Care Resources
    3. How One School is taking action against racism in academic

    4. Exploring faculty and staff development of cultural competence through communicative learning in an online diversity course.

    5. Making diversity “everyone’s business”: A discourse analysis of institutional responses to student activism for equity and inclusion.
    6. Be Anti-Racist in Academic. Here are some ideas:
    7. Harvard Business Review: Academia is not a safe place for conversations about race

School of Social Work Faculty Research Publications

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