DEI-3Within the SSW, the diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and efforts are categorized into 3 buckets, known as the DEI-3: Inward, Outward, Beyond. The INWARD bucket focuses on SSW DEI efforts that target outcomes for SSW Students, Staff, Faculty, and Leadership within the school. The OUTWARD bucket focuses on initiatives that harness the INWARD SSW efforts to engage the larger UTA campus in DEI progression. Lastly, the BEYOND bucket focuses on community partnerships that promote DEI work based on INWARD and OUTWARD SSW efforts.

The initiatives based on the Inclusive Excellence section of the SSW strategic plan are identified both by their respective DEI-3 bucket(s) and associated strategic plan goal (SPG) number. This should increase our understanding of how our initiatives are linked to promoting inclusive excellence as outlined by the SSW staff and faculty.

The HIGHLIGHTS section within each of the DEI-3 buckets catalogs our efforts and activities.