Doctoral Students Awarded Dissertation Fellowship

Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016

The School of Social Work congratulates Cecilia Mengo and Youn Kyoung Kim, social work doctoral students, on their recent Dissertation Fellowship awards from UTA’s Office of Graduate Studies. Mengo and Kim were awarded the fellowship awards to help support them in their final stage of completing their dissertations. Both students are in good academic standing and have completed most of the research needed to complete their dissertations.

Mengo’s dissertation examines how the influences of protective factors such as social support, coping and economic resources help female victims of intimate partner violence.

“The dissertation fellowship will provide me with ample time to focus on my research efforts,” said Mengo.

Youn Kyoung Kim’s (Lily's) dissertation explores the role of resilience as a collective, protective factor that leads to positive behavioral health outcomes in the process of acculturation among international students.

“I’m appreciative of the dissertation fellowship support. It will help me with my tuition fees, allow me to focus on completing my dissertation, and play a key role in helping me achieve my educational aspirations,” said Kim.