Statement from the Dean Regarding Social Work Student

Wednesday, Oct 14, 2020 Dean Scott Ryan

“We acknowledge the various social media postings, emails and text messages received concerning a Social Work student and her daughter. The School of Social Work cannot further comment publicly on a case that is outside our purview and is an ongoing administrative and legal matter. In addition, public comments from us could compromise the privacy and undermine the legal rights of all involved. Several of our faculty and staff have spoken to the student directly and continue to offer their support. We express our concern and hopes for a positive outcome for all individuals involved. We truly care about the well-being of all our students and we understand the concerns of those advocating. Promoting social justice and advocacy are bedrock principles of our program and are addressed by our faculty in every class we offer to our more than 2,100 Social Work students. We supply our students with the advocacy skills and knowledge to speak out against injustices. In fact, many of our faculty are themselves actively involved in work throughout the university, local community, nation, and internationally to promote change and social justice.” 



Dr. Scott D. Ryan, Dean of the School of Social Work