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Guidelines for Oral Presentations

The Guidelines page is being updated. It will be available by Friday, March 13.


Oral presentations will take place in the E. H. Hereford University Center throughout the day of ACES. Presenters must be currently enrolled at UT Arlington. Only individual students may present and receive prizes for presentations. Group presentations are not allowed. Students will be assigned a room and a presentation time approximately one month after the abstract submission deadline. Presentations will be judged by a panel of faculty and alumni judges and may be attended by students and other members of the university community. Top presentations will be awarded cash prizes.


Because the ACES audience is so diverse, presenters should strive to make their work understandable by an educated, multi-disciplinary audience. Avoid technical jargon and define specialized terms. Focus on the creative and innovative aspects of your project.

Rehearsal is crucial to a successful presentation. You should be thoroughly familiar with your work. Reading your slides or notes word-for-word is not encouraged. Presenters are advised to practice their presentations before a group of classmates or instructors.

Oral presentations will be scored based on the Oral Presentation Rubric. The rubric outlines 10 categories on which presentations will be scored: Accessibility, Thesis, Organization, Evidence, Conclusions, Timing, Elocution, Confidence, Engagement, and Impact.

It is highly recommended that presenters refer to the rubric when developing their presentations.

Time Allotment

Each speaker will have a combined total of 15 minutes for the presentation and question/answer period. Typically presentations are 12 minutes for the main presentation, followed by a 3 minute discussion period to allow the speaker to address questions from the audience. Judges will deduct points if a presentation exceeds the allotted period. Setting up or tearing down any special equipment must be done within the allotted presentation time unless other arrangements have been made with ACES staff. Basic technology will be available in the room and will not require additional time to set up. See the Technology section below for details.

Basic Structure of a Talk
Main Talk12 minutes
Q & A3 minutes

Total: not to exceed 15 Minutes

As a courtesy to subsequent speakers, please be ready to start on time; session moderators have been given strict instructions to start all presentations on schedule. In the event that a speaker cancels a presentation or is not present during their scheduled time, the session moderator will call a recess until the time for the next scheduled speaker.

Professional Courtesy

It is considered proper professional etiquette to attend all the presentations in your session. Presenters should make every effort to arrive prior to the first presentation and stay for the all the presentations given during their session.


Rooms will be equipped with basic presentation equipment (laptop, projector, and speakers). It is the presenter's responsibility to notify us of any additional equipment needs at the time the abstract is submitted. Atypical equipment requirements may need to be organized by the presenter. Any additional setup and tear-down required for a presentation must be done within the allotted presentation time.

Resources for Presenters

A workshop focused on effective oral presentations is offered each year. Visit to register or for more information.

> Enhancing the Effectiveness of Oral Presentations (Powerpoint file. Right-click and Save to download.)
> Room and Time Assignments

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