Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES)

Help with Registration

What information do I need to have before I register?

The items needed are: the Title of your presentation or poster; members of your Research Group; Faculty mentor names and their emails; your Abstract; and your presentation type and special items needed for your presentation. Most items you will know off the top of your head. The only item that you might not know is email address of your faculty mentor. Do have your abstract prepared before filling out the submission form to save yourself time.

What are the limits for my abstract?

Your abstract is entered as plain text in the submission form. There is a tool to mark text with italics. Your abstract should not: include any other information but the abstract (i.e., no names or titles, just the paragraph(s)), be longer than 250 words, include images, or use special fonts or symbols. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to edit an abstract for length and content when it fails to follow these guidelines.

Can I submit my abstract in an electronic file?

ACES used to allow this but we no longer do. This is primarily because allowing the electronic file was to permit stylized text where needed. After reviewing the electronic file for the past three years, very few of the files met this criterion. By have the abstract submitted in the form, it keeps the text cleaner and avoids incompatible file formats.

I had a lot of help on the project. Could I list others as co-authors?

Yes, you may. There are three areas where names can go on the form: your name for the Program Guide (the single, physical person who is making the presentation), your Faculty mentor(s), and your Research Group Citation, which is for the other faculty and students who took part in the project. This field is only for the other contributors so do not include your name in this list.

Oops. I made a horrible mistake in my registration.

Once submitted, you can no longer edit your information. Please contact ( for assistance.

I submitted my registration but it says that there are errors.

Most fields are required and are marked with a red asterisk. Typically, problems are related to the abstract. Please consult the question above for help with the limitations of the abstract. If there was a serious error, the web page will tell you that an automated email was sent regarding the problem. To facilitate solving the issue, your submission data was saved so you will not need to provide it again. Someone will be in touch with you in a day or two, excluding weekends. For more assistance, please contact (

How do I know that my information was saved?

The web site will send you an email to your UT Arlington email address to confirm your submission.

When will I know what time I will give my talk or my poster number?

The assignments will be made soon after the deadline. When they are ready, the lists will be posted online and an email will be sent to your UT Arlington email address. If you are giving an oral presentation, you will have ten days from the day of posting to contact us if you have a significant issue with your time. After the ten days pass, the final schedule will be assembled and posted online the Monday of the week of ACES, if not before then.

I am concerned about giving my home address.

The registration process is performed over a secure connection between your browser and the web site. Additionally, your contact information is encrypted for storage in the database. Your address is required by the Business Office as part of awarding the prizes of ACES.

Help with Powerpoints

Are you collecting my Powerpoint presentation beforehand?

In the past, we have done this but no longer do so. The Presenter should bring their presentation with them on usb flash media. There will be a few minutes before your time begins when you can load your presentation without a time penalty. That being said, ACES runs on a very tight schedule. Because of this, we do not allow individuals to use their own laptops because of the time involved to switch from one machine to another. If you have a mitigating reason to use your own hardware, please contact ( for assistance.

Can I use another means of bringing my presentation to ACES?

You can bring your presentation on CD or Flash memory media. The laptops do not have floppy drives. The laptops have internet connections but are not logged on to the UTA domain. This can impede access if you intend to access it on your student J: drive. While not difficult, you must know how to connect to your J: drive when not connected to the UT Arlington domain. The moderator cannot help you. Time spent accessing your presentation on media outside of the laptop will count against your presentation time so please make every effort to submit it before the deadline.

I have other questions?

Please contact ( for more information.