Open Educational Resources


“Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and repurposing by others.”

- William and Flora Hewlett Foundation


Benefits of Incorporating OER in Class

  •  Reduce student costs
  •  Support student success and retention
  •  Innovate your teaching practices
  • Exercise your academic freedom (5R)
  • Enrich scholarship

Challenges of Incorporating OER in Class

  • Understanding licensing
  • Quality concerns
  • Time needed for adopting/adapting OER
  • Lack of supplementary content from the publishers
  •  Accessibility (language, cultural, technical, disability etc.)


Creator Fest: OERTX Edition on February 17-18

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) and OpenStax at Rice University are pleased to announce this two-day, virtual event to be held Feb. 17-18. Intended as a dynamic conference, educators across the state of Texas will collaboratively create open educational resources, engage in peer review of developing OER, be inspired by successes of peer institutions, and learn more about THECB OER initiatives.

Day One of Creator Fest: OERTX Edition opens with welcoming remarks from THECB and OpenStax representatives, followed by a panel discussion, “Helping OER Thrive on Your Campus,” which will include the voices of OER leaders from institutions across Texas. Participants will then choose “Create OER” or “Peer Review” tracks and receive targeted information and guided time for workshopping their new and ongoing OER projects in collaboration with peers.  

Day Two of Creator Fest: OERTX Edition will begin with a national student panel and continue with workshop sessions covering topics such as effective pedagogy using open resources and tapping into community support for continuous improvement of OER materials. The day will close with a keynote from Richard Baraniuk, Ph.D., Founder/Director of OpenStax, on “An Open Approach to Moving Forward.”

Creator Fest: OERTX Edition is intended to help guide faculty members, instructional designers, librarians, and others as they navigate the process of OER creation and peer review. Participants will network, collaborate, and learn from experts as they design or improve OER materials. In addition, attendees will collectively create tools for peer review and OER creation that will guide other Texas educators into the future. 

For more information, go to Creator Fest: OERTX Edition online, and register at