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Community engagement

Community engagement happens within and beyond the boundaries of campus through intentional experiences in academic courses. Through service learning and experiential projects, students and nonprofit agencies form a reciprocal relationship, which fosters an awareness of civic and personal challenges, creates growth of mind and heart, and spurs innovation and skills.



Examples of community engagement (service learning) in academic courses may include having students:

  • Help a local nonprofit reach their goals
  • Collaborate with a UTA department to fulfill their needs
  • Work with a municipality to learn how to be civically engaged
  • Support educational initiatives within the community


volunteers handing a pallet of fruit to each other          volunteers helping clean up a seating area outside          student taking a picture of one of the booths at a U T A tabling event on campus


“Seeing the positive impact that service learning has had on my students’ learning process made me reflect on this experience as an educator, and it motivated me to evaluate the effect of this experience on my pedagogy as well.”
– N.K., Linguistics/TESOL Faculty