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Global Engagement

Global experiences provide meaningful interaction with the world, whether abroad or within your own “glocal” community. These experiences help students develop global competencies and enhance cross-cultural understanding.





Examples of global engagement in academic courses may include having students:

  • Take part in a study abroad experience
  • Virtually connect on a program with people in another culture or country
  • Become involved in a world event
  • Work on multicultural projects within the local community


three students sitting outside at a table with journals and drinks          poster that says "one world" with a painting of the world behind it          several students sitting on grass near a body of water with the sun setting in the background


“A Global Connection study abroad experience helps students see the world from a different perspective and helps them look outside of themselves to see a different way of life, of culture, of communicating. I think it helps them to compete in a very diverse society.”
– LaDonna Aiken, Communication Faculty