MAFE Procedures

Maverick Advantage activities and opportunities are available throughout the UTA campus – through extracurricular experiences as well as within academic courses. Courses containing a Maverick Advantage activity give students the added benefit of real-life, hands-on experiences related to their coursework.

Interested in designating your class as a Maverick Advantage course? Here’s what to do:


  1. The course must contain a project, presentation, or experience directly related to the course material and be focused on one or more specific Maverick Advantage activities.
  2. The course must state that it contains one (or more than one) Maverick Advantage activity, preferably at the beginning. For example, “This course contains a (Community Engagement/Service Learning, Global, Leadership, Career, Research) Maverick Advantage Distinguishing Activity/Activities.” Then, each Maverick Advantage activity must be clearly labeled and/or explained within the syllabus.
  3. To help students understand the impact and benefit of their Activity/Activities, students must complete structured, critical reflection on the course experience through reflection methods such as journaling, written paper(s), oral presentation(s), group discussion, creative expression, artwork, or other means as determined by the faculty. These class reflections correspond with the Maverick Advantage activity/activities in the course and are part of the individual course deliverables. Course reflection must be distinctly identified in the syllabus and is conducted at the faculty’s discretion.
  4. The syllabus will contain clear language guiding students to the MAFE Program’s program evaluation tools (MAFE Pre-Survey/Preflection and MAFE Post-Survey/Reflection). Students must fill out the program evaluation surveys prior to and after completing the Maverick Advantage experience within the course. These may also be accessed within the MAFE self-enroll course in the Maverick Advantage Canvas catalog. (This is separate from and in addition to the course reflection as stated in item 3 above.)
  5. Students are encouraged to record Maverick Advantage activities for their personal benefit to keep track of their activities and to help when applying for the Maverick Advantage Distinction.
  6. Faculty must submit their course syllabus to the MAFE Program for evaluation/approval through an online form. The MAFE team will review the syllabus and get back to you with any questions and/or approval.
  7. After final approval, the MAFE course will be added to the list of courses in which students may complete Maverick Advantage Distinguishing Activities.
    Quantitative data related to the MAFE course must be submitted electronically to the MAFE Program at the end of each semester.