Canvas Migration

Thank you for engaging in the UTA Canvas LMS transition. In order to migrate all courses by the start of Fall 2019, four main migration groups will be identified by their colleges with the assistance of the Canvas Champion.  All organized academic courses will be migrated from Blackboard to Canvas, excluding courses for dissertation hours, independent research courses, and trainings. This migration will take place from February to July, 2019 with the objective of completing this migration in time for faculty to teach all Summer and Fall courses in Canvas. 



                         Canvas Migration Process



  • College Champions will review and edit the Course Migration File provided by the Canvas Team. Please note that this list contains all courses available in BlackBoard (size, course name, instructor, etc.) If a new course needs to be created in Canvas and it is not available in Blackboard, champions need to complete the New Canvas Course request form.
  • Based on the migration guidelines provided by the Canvas Team, College Champions will identify when these courses need to be available in Canvas (i.e. Summer I, Summer II, Fall 2019, Spring 2020, etc.) and assign a migration group number. 
  • The master course migration file will be updated to reflect each college course migration plan including migration groups and migration target semester.
  • The Canvas Team will consolidate the  migration groups and notify champions for verification as migration groups are ready to start based on the schedule. In addition, Faculty will be notified once their designated migration group is ready to start the conversion process. For details regarding migration process, please visit the White Glove Migration page.  

 For information regarding the migration groups and schedule, please visit the Migration Schedule page. 



To self-migrate a course, please complete the following steps:

1. Request a blank Canvas shell by Completing ServiceNow Request Form

2. Use the Migration Resources for Manual Moves course to learn how to export your Blackboard course and import it into your Canvas shell.