White Glove is a professional service offered by Canvas to assist faculty with course migration from Blackboard to Canvas. A designated professional Canvas White Glove team will perform the course migration and will work with the course instructor to make sure the conversion is properly done. 

 Canvas White Glove Chart


For a successful course migration, it is required that Faculty meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete the Growing with Canvas course. Enroll through your College Champion.
  2. Cleanup the Blackboard Course(s) following the pre-migration checklist.
  3. Reduce course size to 3GB based on the pre-migration checklist guidelines and recommendations.

Champions will review and approve the courses that are ready for White Glove. Please note that only courses meeting these criteria will be migrated using the White Glove service. If a course is not approved for white glove, then the designated instructor will be responsible for migrating this course from Blackboard to Canvas.

As migration begins, faculty will be contacted directly by the Canvas White Glove Team to review the course that will be migrated. In addition, once migration is complete, the faculty member will be required to validate the migrated course(s) in Canvas within 4 days of the completion of the migration. To properly perform this validation, faculty must be familiar with Canvas and are thus required to complete the online Growing with Canvas training prior to the completion of the White Glove service.