UTA Flexible and Safe Learning Options for Online Courses

Students will have several options for online courses as the university seeks to provide a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff.  In many cases, classes will be smaller as we seek to provide social distancing for courses that require an on-campus presence.  Students will receive more specifics as faculty post their syllabi in Canvas.  The options for courses are as follows:


Fully Online Anytime (asynchronous) :

All instruction and testing online. All classes are asynchronous (recorded) with no requirement for students to come to campus on a specific day or time. (Listed as Fully Online Option #1 in modality definitions)

Online on a Scheduled Time (synchronous):

Students take courses online and need to attend online sessions at the scheduled day and time.  There are no requirements for students to come to campus.  Testing occurs online and may be required on a specific day and time. Dates specified in the syllabus. (Listed as Fully Online Option #2 in modality definitions)

A Mix of Online and Face to Face (Hybrid):

Students enroll in classes that combine online and F2F activities. Students may be required to attend F2F class one day per week, rotating days on campus, take exams F2F, and/or make presentations F2F.  The online portions of the course may be live or it may engage recorded lectures and activities.  (Listed as Hybrid #1,2 and 3 in modality definitions).

Lab-Based or Studio Courses:

Laboratory, studio, performance art classes. Customized scheduling based on requirements as described in the syllabus. (Listed as Hybrid #4 in modality definitions)

Face-to-face (F2F):

Fully F2F. Students must attend class in person and on campus. Classrooms will be used allowing for social distancing and masks are required while in class (online only after specified holidays or dates; no face-to-face testing or other activities on campus after said dates).