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Nothing should stand in the way of you and your dreams. We understand that your financial needs play a part in your success as a student and a graduate—and that’s why we offer several ways for you to make your education more affordable.


UTA offers an excellent education with low tuition rates, financial aid, and scholarships that keep your costs low and your debt manageable.

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Expenses will vary depending on several criteria, including Texas residency, how many credit hours you’re taking, where you live, and much more.

What will it cost? Tuition Estimator Guaranteed Tuition Plan

Oklahoma residents

Undergraduate students from Oklahoma are eligible to pay Texas resident tuition rates + $30 per credit hours. It's an exceptional value!

Financial Aid

More than 75 percent of our students receive some type of student financial aid. Find out how much you may be eligible for with the College for All Texans Financial Aid Calculator.

Financial Aid Calculator


There are several different types of scholarships available to you at UTA. Our general academic scholarships are based on academic performance and available to new students pursing their first baccalaureate degree. You can find additional scholarships such as designated, departmental, private, and need-based scholarships through our scholarship system, MavScholarshop.

Mav Scholarshop


Grants are funds that normally do not require repayment, and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Check out the different types of grants that you may be eligible for at UTA.

Types of Grants


You can qualify for loans through your student financial aid package. Find out more about federal student loans available.

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Student Employment

Work-study and on-campus jobs are available at UTA. You can apply for jobs through our UTA SNAP jobs portal.

SNAP jobs