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First-Time Freshmen


Summer Bridge Program

Summer Bridge is a conditional admission program designed to improve the academic success of incoming freshman students who fall short of our automatic admission requirements, but still demonstrate a high potential for academic success. We believe that this program will provide you with the additional support necessary to start your college career on the right path and help you graduate.

You cannot apply directly to the Summer Bridge Program. We encourage incoming freshman students who fall short of admission requirements to work with their admission counselor directly.

Program Overview

Prospective freshman students who fall short of our automatic admission criteria, but within the Summer Bridge range will automatically be offered Summer Bridge admission. The program allows you to complete Math and English classes the summer after high school graduation and upon successful completion continue at UTA in the fall. The program is not available for students with dual credit English 1301 or any dual credit math.

  • You will enroll in the appropriate Math and English courses for a maximum of 6 semester credit hours during the eleven-week summer semester following high school graduation.
  • Upon successful completion of those 6 hours, you will take up to 10 semester credit hours in the fall semester and become a full-time student (15 hours) in the spring semester by maintaining a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • You will remain an undeclared major for your first 30 hours at UTA, meet with your Summer Bridge academic advisor in the University College throughout the program

Students with dual credit for English 1301 or any math may appeal their admission to the Summer Bridge program.