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Parents of Admitted Students

Parents of Admitted Transfers

Being the parent of a newly admitted transfer student brings its own unique set of challenges. While you’ve already supported your student’s transition from high school to college, there are still steps to consider during the transition to UT Arlington. Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure your student is successful at UT Arlington. 

Now that your transfer student has been admitted, the next step is for them to sign up for New Maverick Orientation and make an appointment with an academic advisor in their major department. 

If your family will need financial assistance, make sure your student fills out the FAFSA, find out about scholarships, and review tuition and fees. Students who are offered UT Arlington scholarships or financial aid need to accept the awards. Be sure your student pays attention to their award letter and meets the included deadlines in order to secure their aid. 

Make sure they apply for one of UTA’s residence halls or apartments if they plan to live on campus.  They are in good company with over 5,000 other UTA students choosing to live on campus.  

Your student can check on MyMav to see if they need to meeet TSI requirements and/or take the UTA Math Placement Test.  

Students should send a final college transcript when final grades post, so they get credit for their courses. Transfer students are also required to submit an official final high school transcript.

If your child is under 22 years of age make sure to comply with Texas law and review the Meningitis vaccination requirements.