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Parents of High-School Students

Dual Credit Students

Taking dual credit classes in high school is a great way to help your student get ahead in high school. Below you will find some information to consider just for parents of students taking dual credit. 

If your student is interested in taking dual credit classes, we recommend they take classes from the UT Arlington core curriculum. This will ensure transferability and give them the most flexibility when choosing a major. 

Transferring Credit

Your student’s high school should put dual credit courses on their high school transcript, but depending on your school, you may need to obtain a transcript from the college your student attended. Students must take transferable academic courses and earn a grade of a “C” or better. Technical, vocational, remedial, or developmental coursework will not transfer. 

Freshman with Dual Credit

High school students who graduate with dual credit, regardless of the number of hours, are considered freshman students for admission and scholarship purposes as long as they have not attended a college or university since graduating high school. 

Don’t forget to review the information specifically for ninth grade, tenth grade, eleventh grade, and twelfth grade.