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Parents of High-School Students

Parents of 9th Grade Students

Even though high school has just begun, it’s not too early to start preparing and planning for college. Your student’s freshman year of high school is about two things. First, you can help them establish the necessary study skills and rigor to be successful. Secondly, you can begin the learning process about college.

9th Grade Checklist

  • Check with your high school's guidance counselor to ensure your student is enrolled in the appropriate college prep plan with their high school.
  • Start talking about colleges and your student's plans for the future. Begin visiting college websites, like with your student.
  • Monitor your student's study habits and grades. Encourage them to take advantage of study-skills and time management resources from their high school. Students should study about 1 hour for every hour they are in class. College students need to study about 2 hours for every hour they are in class.
  • Encourage challenging coursework like Advanced Placement (AP) or Pre-AP classes. In order to receive AP college credit, students need to earn specific scores on the AP tests for the AP classes they were enrolled in.
  • Add to your student's savings account or college funds. If you haven't begun saving for college, review financial planning resources.
  • Encourage your students to take the PSAT.

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