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Parents of High-School Students

Parents of 12th Grade Students

High school graduation is now less than a year away! Your student has lots of criteria and deadlines to meet in order complete the college admissions process. They will need your help staying organized.

Senior year is also the year you will have the most contact with colleges. Be sure to keep your admissions counselor’s contact info handy, in order to ask them questions whenever you need help.

Your admission counselor will also be in contact with your student more frequently during their senior year. Make sure your student checks their email and mailbox frequently. Colleges will be sending information about events, scholarship opportunities, deadlines, and more.

12th Grade Checklist


  • Visit the UT Arlington table at your high school's college fair with your student. Be sure to review deadlines and the admission process with your admission counselor.
  • Help your student narrow their list of colleges down to the schools where they will submit applications.
  • Take a campus tour or attend Maverick Experience.
  • Attend a Financial Aid Night.
  • Take the SAT or ACT again, if your student needs to raise their scores to meet admission or scholarship requirements.
  • Complete your application to beat the scholarship deadline (February 13, 2015 for the fall 2015 semester). Help your students gather all the required documents.
  • Take a housing tour and apply for housing if your student is thinking about living on campus. They can apply for housing once they apply for admission, but they won't be offered a housing contract until they are admitted to UTA.


  • Fill out the FAFSA from once it becomes available on January 1.
  • Accept or decline any scholarship or financial aid awards. Review the award letters for instructions on accepting/declining awards.
  • Ensure your student takes the Math Placement Test once they are admitted and before attending New Maverick Orientation.
  • Make sure your student completes TSI requirements before New Maverick Orientation.
  • Register to attend New Maverick Orientation.
  • Request your student's final high school transcript be sent to UT Arlington after graduation.
  • Meet the meningitis vaccination requirements and submit documentation to UT Arlington.