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Transfer Students


Transferring Credit

One of the cool things about being a transfer student is that you get to bring your credit with you! Use our degree plan guides to make sure the classes you take will transfer over to UTA seamlessly. 

Shortly after you have been admitted to the university, you will receive an email notification directing you to your self-service page in your student center in MyMav. Your student center will provide you with an evaluation of your transfer credits so you will know exactly what credits have been accepted by the university.

When you check your student center, you will need your NetID and password. If you don’t have it memorized, check your previous application communications with UT Arlington. If you can’t find it, call the Help Desk in the Central Library at 817-272-2208. They can help you through the process of identifying and activating your NetID and password.

Keep in mind these general transfer rules of thumb:

  • UT Arlington does not accept the grade of “D” in transfer, so keep your grades up so you can receive as much credit as possible.
  • No university credit is given for vocational coursework.
  • No university credit is given for developmental coursework.
  • Transfer students have no option for erasing a low grade. UT Arlington will not use "grade replacement," "grade forgiveness," "grade exclusion," or any other type of amnesty from the grades you earn. 
    • Cumulative Transfer GPA will include all grade attempts.
  • The University does not recognize life and/or career credit.
  • While you may be core complete, there may be major course requirements and/or pre-requisites that require you to take a course that looks like a core requirement but doesn’t act like one. If this happens to you, talk to your academic advisor.

Reverse Transfer

If you attended a two-year institution and transferred before earning an associate's degree, you may be eligible to complete the requirements at UT Arlington and earn the associate's degree while working on your bachelor's degree. By completing any remaining requirements at UT Arlington you may be able to reverse transfer those credits to your two-year institution. You can only use reverse transfer for an institution you attended. Each two-year institution may have different rules and processes regarding reverse transfer. For more information on reverse transfer, contact your transfer admission counselor