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Information for Transfer Students

Battle of the Bands

Before You Apply

We can’t wait to meet you.

But we don’t want to rush you. We want you to make sure UT Arlington is the best fit for what you have planned. That could involve asking yourself a lot of questions. Good thing this site has a lot of answers.

Explore our majors. We have over 180 degree programs. Even if you don’t know which one you want to pursue, or if it changes after you enroll (which happens all the time), you should see all of the majors available to you.

Know where you stand. Not every course transfers exactly the way you might imagine. But we work with every student to match future goals with past accomplishments. Contact your advisor as soon as possible. See if we have a special Articulation Agreement with your college.

Visit and get connected. We make the rounds and are always out visiting community colleges in Texas and out of state. And when we visit, we always bring a lot of insight, answers, and reading material with us. Check our college visit schedule to see if we’ll be near you in the near future. Of course, you don’t have to wait for us. Nothing beats a visit to our campus.

Understand the residency requirements. You know where you’re coming from. But does the State of Texas know? Find out where you fall in the residency spectrum (resident, non-resident, international) and how that affects your residency requirements for admission.

Check out our transfer scholarships. Depending on your cumulative transfer GPA, you could be qualified for substantial scholarships available to only our transfer students.

Researchers handle sea stars


Sea star research

A study led by a UT Arlington graduate student examining sea stars dying along the West Coast offers clues about the starfish’s immune response and its ability to protect a diverse coastal ecosystem.

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