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Texas Success Initiative

Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

The Texas Success Initiative has been developed by the state legislature to ensure student success at institutions of higher education. TSI requires that all incoming students enrolling at Texas public institutions of higher education be assessed academically to determine their level of college-readiness in Reading, Writing, and Math. The two major steps of the program are

  • Assessment of each student's academic skills in Reading, Writing, and Math before enrolling.
  • Advisement into appropriate developmental coursework for any academic skills that need improvement.

Meeting TSI requirements are required for enrollment. Any assessments that may be required are used for placing students in the appropriate coursework, not for admission purposes.

Meeting TSI Requirements

The state allows many ways for students to satisfy the requirements of TSI and demonstrating college-readiness. University College's TSI website helps students determine whether they need to take an assessment, if they meet any TSI exemptions, and helping students know when developmental coursework will be required at UT Arlington.