Fall 2020 Semester Student FAQs

Fall Semester

We are entering the fall semester in a hybrid teaching format, with a mixture of in-person and online learning. A fall schedule of courses is up-to-date in MyMav. We continue working on a plan that encourages social distancing and provides the safest environment for the Maverick community. As we continue to learn from and adapt to the pandemic, we will remain nimble and adjust as necessary while continuing to follow the recommendations of experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State of Texas, and The University of Texas System.

Yes, the schedule of courses in MyMav is accurate. The dates and times of the courses will not change. The modes of instruction are updated but remain a work in progress. Some of the designations are subject to change as UTA works through logistical issues, such as allocating appropriate classroom space. In addition, some classes may change formats, depending on the specific needs of the course.
Yes, students are strongly encouraged to enroll in their fall classes now so that space assignments for face-to-face and hybrid courses can be made. To ensure safe social distancing, classrooms used for face-to-face or hybrid classes will only accommodate between 25-34% of room capacity.
The posted MyMav Fall 2020 course schedule will not change, only the mode of instruction will change. For example, students who sign up for a 9 a.m. Tuesday/Thursday course should be available for class during those days and times. If taught in a hybrid modality, the course may meet face-to-face on Tuesdays and online on Thursdays, or vice-versa. If taught online, it may be taught synchronously, meaning that the course will meet online Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 a.m.
With health and safety as the top priority, UTA is moving classes online after Thanksgiving to avoid the possibility of students becoming COVID-19 positive during the break and then spreading the virus to their classmates upon their return.
Some courses with face-to-face components may require in-person examinations. Students will be able to refer to their syllabus for each course for specific answers. All finals after Thanksgiving will be online. Students can contact the Office for Students with Disabilities to request an accommodation.
International students should work with their academic advisors to determine the best options for them. Academic advisors have been provided with information to work with our international students in the most effective manner possible. For international students experiencing travel difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UTA Arlington is making a number of academic programs available online to provide a first-class education to the Maverick family. Students may also email international@uta.edu.

Yes. UTA is providing additional options for students to purchase permits, based on the amount of time they expect to be on campus. Students will have the option to purchase parking by the:

  • Hour (at pay stations or street meters)
  • Day
  • Month
  • Semester (through Thanksgiving)
  • Winter break
  • Academic year

Students can always return semester permits before the fall census date and academic year permits before the spring census date for a prorated refund. There are no refunds for short-term permits.

We recognize that this is a challenging time for all of us in our Maverick community and we continue to strive to find new and innovative ways to support our students. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to rapidly evolve, so does UT Arlington in order to meet our students where they are. Many of our student services and resources that have traditionally been offered via face-to-face now include remote offerings, so we hope you have the opportunity to look into them. Since the mandatory fees are used to cover the long-term cost of offering our students these services and resources, the fees are not calculated on an hourly or daily use structure but are charged to all students regardless of the choice to use the service or not. Due to this, there is not a change in the tuition and fee structure.

Online Courses

Not all courses will be available online, though students will still have the ability to register for only online courses. Since not all classes will be available in this format, students will need to consult with their advisors on how such a choice would affect their paths toward graduation. Students can contact the Office for Students with Disabilities to request an accommodation.

UTA is upgrading its wireless network across campus. We are covering all campus buildings and the open spaces between buildings, such as the mall area in front of the library, to allow students to work inside and outside with as much social distancing as possible.

Specially designed, socially distant computer labs on campus are available to students who need computer access to complete their courses. The labs comply with all social distancing and sanitization recommendations. To support moving academic instruction to online platforms, UTA more than doubled the number of devices available for check out by students in the Library to approximately 500 total, in addition to webcams and hotspots. More technology info is available on the UTA Remote student page.

Click here to view recommendations on what equipment you should have for a successful online or hybrid experience, please.

Information is available on the UTA Remote student page.

If using Canvas, students should review the Canvas Student Orientation course. For Teams, students need to download the app and review this tutorial. For Echo 360, instructors will send students a link to view the lectures.

Some faculty may use Zoom or other tools to communicate with students, so please reach out to your instructor for more information.

Coursework could heavily rely on assessments/exams that are taken online and through submission of alternative assignments. Communication will largely be through email and chat. Make sure your computer and web browsers meet the system requirements for Canvas. Consider turning off your video in Canvas, Teams or Zoom if your internet signal is not strong.

Advising and Academic Support

Most academic advising will occur virtually in the fall. However, students are encouraged to communicate with their home department for details. Some departments may offer opportunities for social distanced, face to face walk in advising as an example. Students may identify contact information for advising in their home department here.

UTA has many academic support services available for fall and these will mostly be virtual. Please refer to the Student Resources page. This will continue to be updated with information for summer and fall. You may also visit the websites for the I.D.E.A.S. Center, the Academic Success Center and resources for becoming a successful e-learner.

Further inquiries may be directed to:

Safety Precautions

Yes. UTA’s face-covering protocol will apply to everyone on campus—all students, staff, faculty, contractors, vendors, suppliers, and visitors—and is critical in minimizing risks to others near you. You must wear a face covering while in campus buildings (except private offices, alone in labs, in residence hall rooms or apartments, or when eating) and elsewhere on campus when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.
The University will provide each student with a reusable cloth face mask. Cloth face masks are available to individual or students at the University Center Campus Information Desk and at the Main Library.

UTA has canceled all events on campus for the month of July, in accordance with local, regional and national health guidelines. When possible, the University is working with organizers to reschedule their events for later dates.

Moving forward, UTA officials are planning to issue cancellation decisions by the first day of the month prior to when the event is scheduled. For example, the University plans to make decisions on August events by July 1. The University will follow local, state and federal guidelines in determining whether it is safe and appropriate to host events.

Cleaning: UTA will clean common touch points in public spaces in campus buildings throughout each day and perform additional cleaning in the evening. Since classrooms are used back-to-back with minimal time for cleaning, UTA will provide disinfectant wipes and other cleaning supplies in each classroom for students and instructors to use on their desks and equipment. The University will continue to implement new measures and modify its cleaning protocols to minimize the spread of the virus. Cleaning frequencies will increase and schedules will be modified to meet the needs of the campus community.

Signage: UTA will place signage at building entrances and in restrooms, dining areas, classrooms, elevators, common spaces, stairs, and student engagement spaces to mitigate the spread of the virus. These signs promote properly wearing a cloth face covering, washing hands, social distancing, covering coughs and sneezes, staying home when sick, etc.

Ventilation: UTA will ensure ventilation and filtering systems are operating properly, control relative humidity and increase circulation of outdoor air to further mitigate risks associated with the potential spread of the virus.

Water fountains: All drinking fountains will be turned off to further reduce the spread of the virus. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to bring their own water.

Modified layouts: To promote social distancing, all are encouraged to space seating/desks at least 6 feet apart. For lecture halls and classrooms, certain seats/desks and rows will not be used to ensure social distancing guidelines are met.

The Office of Facilities Management will ensure there are adequate supplies of disinfectant wipes in all classrooms scheduled for use this fall semester, and students will be encouraged to use the disinfectant wipes to wipe down shared desks, surfaces and equipment before use.

Student Health Services and many clinics have very specific protocols when treating possible COVID-19 patients. Students experiencing symptoms should call before going to a clinic or UTA Health Services to receive directions regarding specific protocols. UTA students can contact UTA Health Services with concerns during office hours at 817-272-2771. Students who are identified by Health Services as being in need of testing will not pay out-of-pocket costs, regardless of whether they have insurance.

On-campus testing is available by appointment only for all UTA students. PCR tests, which may be required for students who live abroad and need to travel home, are also available. Students should call before going to a clinic or UTA Health Services to receive directions regarding specific protocols. UTA students can contact UTA Health Services with concerns during office hours at 817-272-2771. Students who are identified by Health Services as being in need of testing will not pay out-of-pocket costs, regardless of whether they have insurance.

The decision to shut down again may occur if local, state, or federal public health authorities declare a public health emergency; the governor issues a stay-at-home executive order; or the University’s COVID-19 positive cases are at a level that threaten the public health and safety of the UTA community. This decision will be made in collaboration with local public health officials and UT System.
ounseling and Psychological Services remains available to students Services are performed remotely to limit exposure to both clinician and student. Please call at 817-272-3671 to schedule a time to connect with a counselor regarding your concerns. If this is an emergency please call 911 or the MavsTalk 24hr Crisis Line at 817-272-8255. We also encourage the UTA community to use CAPS online resources for accessing information related to emotional well-being and mental health support.

University Housing and Dining

UTA is offering a mixture of in-person and online courses this fall, with some students wanting the options of living on campus. Students should view the fall courses schedule to determine how much of their schedule will be face-to-face or online. UTA is implementing a plan for the fall that complies with health guidelines and includes wearing masks inside buildings, disinfecting classrooms, observing social distancing and adopting our full range of safety and prevention protocols.

Yes. Students may elect to remain in their residence halls through the end of the fall contract term on Dec. 17. Students have been provided with a contract addendum that describes residence hall options for fall 2020. UTA apartments will remain open without interruption.

UTA will determine appropriate safety precautions for UTA residence halls and apartments using evidence-based public health protocols and guidance for the control of infectious disease. Resident density in older residence halls will be reduced as follows:

  • Students in three-bedroom, private-occupancy suites will have a maximum of three residents per bath.
  • Students in double-occupancy suites will have a maximum of two residents per bath.
Yes. Common area spaces such as community kitchens, laundry rooms, computer labs, social lounges, and elevators will have reduced occupancy limits, scheduled limitations on use and signage restrictions. Furniture in common areas will be reduced or controlled with designated signage to encourage appropriate social distancing. High-touch common area surfaces will be disinfected with increased frequency. Disinfectant supplies will be readily available for residents to sanitize surfaces as desired.
The University has changed tables and seating in its dining areas to meet state requirements. Floor plans in Maverick Café and Connection Café allow for proper spacing. In the University Center, Bluebonnet Ballroom will serve as overflow seating for the Connection Café, while Palo Duro will offer more seating for the Plaza. Self-serve areas like the salad bar, drinks, deserts, grill and pizza stations will no longer be self-service. Grab-and-go dining options will be available. In addition, Grubhub is partnering with Dining Services to offer campus mobile ordering with pick-up stations at the various dining venues. Dining staff may limit the amount of time students are in a dining hall or make other operational adjustments to address health and safety concerns. They will also clean dining areas throughout the day. Students also will be given sanitizing wipes to keep their tables and other surfaces clean.

Quarantine/Isolation Housing

On campus housing is available for students living in University owned housing, who test positive for COVID-19 or have confirmed close contact with a virus positive individual. Contact tracing staff will work with each student to determine if relocation to quarantine/isolation housing is required.

Each room will include the following items: refrigerator, microwave, bed linens, towel, soap, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, thermometer, hand sanitizer, cleaning spray, paper towels, trash liners, laundry detergent, and toilet paper.  Laundry service is provided as well as an optional meal service.

Each room contains an information sheet that provides students an email address and phone number for assistance while in Q/I housing.

Friends and family may mail packages to the Student Affairs Office for delivery to the student. 

Packages should be labeled:

Student Name C/O 
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
300 W First Street
Box 19115 
University Center 180H 
Arlington, TX 76019 

Please be careful when including perishable items in care packages. Delivery to the student may take 24-48 hours after the package arrives on campus.