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Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

This area focuses on the development of any material, natural or man-made, that comprises whole or part of a living structure or biomedical device which performs, augments, or replaces a natural function. Tissue engineering attempts to solve problems at the microscopic level at precise target locations and design miniature devices to deliver compounds that can stimulate or inhibit cellular processes. This study track is currently available to students in both master's and doctoral study.

Research Faculty in the Area

Dr. Michael ChoDr. Michael Cho
Chair of Bioengineering
Biomechanics; Biophysics; Tissue Engineering; Cancer Research

Dr. Yi HongDr. Yi Hong | Faculty profile
Assistant Professor
Biomaterials; Tissue Engineering; Medical Devices; Drug Delivery

Dr. Kytai NguyenDr. Justyn Jaworski 
Assistant Professor
Applied Soft Matter Systems; Biomedical; Molecular Recognition

Dr. Young-tae KimDr. Young-tae Kim | Faculty profile
Associate Professor
Neural Engineering

Dr. Kytai NguyenDr. Kytai Nguyen | Faculty profile
Professor; Track Advisor
Drug Delivery; Tissue Engineering

Dr. Liping TangDr. Liping Tang | Faculty profile
Professor; Track Advisor
Translational Regenerative Medicine