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BE Professors Awarded 2019 Interdisciplinary Research Grants

The University of Texas at Arlington has awarded six research grants to interdisciplinary teams focusing on key areas related to health, decision making, human interaction and advanced materials. Three of those grants were awarded to Professors in BE. 

Understanding the Dynamic Human Brain During Economic Decision Making with Dual-mode Brain Imaging

  • Hanli Liu, professor of bioengineering
  • Shuo “Linda” Wang, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering
  • Kay-Yut Chen, professor of information systems and operations management
  • Sridhar Nerur, professor of information systems and operations management

Understanding human-driven inventory decision-making is central to improving efficiencies in supply chains and business systems. The goal of the project is to build a biological model of decision-making, capturing the perception of risks and associating decision making in an inventory management scenario.

Engineering the Gut Virome for Equol Conversion as a Countermeasure for Arterial Aging

  • Justyn Jaworski, assistant professor of bioengineering
  • Daniel Trott, assistant professor of kinesiology

Aging is the most predictive risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and recent studies show that gut bacteria can influence cardiovascular health. This project leverages Jaworski’s expertise in engineering bacteria and Trott’s in aging cardiovascular physiology to determine whether gut bacteria can be modified to promote cardiovascular health in advanced age.

Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) in Acute Stroke

  • Hanli Liu, professor of bioengineering
  • Judy R. Wilson, associate professor of kinesiology

Stroke is the fourth-leading cause of death in the U.S. and treatment options are limited for those who survive. HBOT exposes a patient to 100% oxygen while inside a chamber at increased pressure. Liu and Wilson will evaluate the effects of HBOT in recovery for stroke patients using a novel, noninvasive neuroimaging tool.

Liu and Wilson have partnered with Jon Senkowsky, a vascular surgeon at Arlington Memorial Hospital, on the project.