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UTA Laboratories

Engineering Research Building

Ten fully equipped laboratories for biomedical engineering research are available to students and faculty. These are for general biomedical engineering, computers, polymer synthesis, sensory and motor function, automated drug infusion, stent and vascular graft fabrication, and gait analysis. In addition, students may use laboratory facilities and equipment of other departments and programs within the College of Engineering, such as the Materials Science Department.

Engineering laboratories of importance to BE students include microwaves and antennas, integrated circuit development, work physiology, human performance, biofeedback, computer development/simulation, materials science, stress analysis, turbulent flow, and heat transfer. Significant computational facilities are available at UTA and UTSW, and both also have full electronics and machine shops.

Students also have complete access to a complete range of analytical instrumentation in the Department of Chemistry. Of interest to BE students are ESCA, Fourier transform surface IR, atomic force microscopy, laser-induced matrix desorption mass spectroscopy, solid- and liquid-phase NMR, and analytical gel permeation chromatography.