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UTSW Laboratories

UT Southwestern Medical Center for Minimally Invasive SurgeryUT Southwestern has excellent facilities over the spectrum of research resources for collaborative work with BE department faculty and students. For example, the general surgery and surgery specialty departments have facilities allowing studies ranging from cell culture to experimental animal surgical procedures. BE students and faculty also collaborate with UTSW staff in basic and clinical sciences laboratories in anesthesiology, biochemistry, cardiology and pulmonary medicine, cell biology, genomics, orthopedics, pathology, physiology, plastic surgery, radiology and urology.

Significant collaborations are also found within pediatrics divisions of clinical departments. Related laboratories in orthopedics are located in the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. The Laser Surgery group at the Baylor Research Foundation (Dallas) also welcomes BE students. Through these and other collaborations, BE students have access to excellent sets of electron, optical, fluorescence confocal and atomic force microscopes. Most other major imaging modalities are available, including whole (small) animal imaging facilities.

The Eugene McDermott Center for Human Growth and Development and the Human Genome Center permit collaborative work involving banks of automated sequencers, imaging stations, custom robotics, including Biomek robots, fluorescence activated cell sorters, plus standard biological apparatus (ultracentrifuges, thermal cyclers, etc.). The Molecular Cardiology Laboratory is fully equipped for studies of the molecular biology of eukaryotic cells. Additional facilities are available for dedicated tissue culture studies of the growth and characterization of recombinant viruses.