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ARDRC Loan Policy

Loan Policy  - Department of Biology
Dr. Jonathan A. Campbell
Dr. Jonathan A. Campbell, ARDRC Curator

The herpetological collection is a widely used resource. Loans are made available to qualified parties pending the approval of Dr. Jonathan A. Campbell (email). Students requesting a specimen loan must submit their letters of request with a signed letter from their major academic advisor. Loans are generally made for a duration of six months. During this time, the borrower is liable for the welfare of the loaned material(s) and must agree to the conditions for the handling and storage of the borrowed material(s) as indicated.

Consideration for loan approval depends upon, but is not necessarily limited to the following conditions:

  1. Number of specimens requested.
  2. Which specimens are being requested.
  3. The borrower's intent with the loaned materials.
  4. The location of the borrower.
  5. Borrower's previous loan record.
  6. Some loans may be denied due to priority use by another investigator.