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Lab Rotations

Lab Rotations - Department of Biology

The biology department has a wealth of great research labs. Choosing a lab can be difficult. If several labs are of interest to you, consider signing up for lab rotations your first semester. Our lab rotation option allows you to experience the labs, prior to making a final decision. In your letter of intent (see How To Apply), inform the Biology Department which labs are of interest to you, list up to three labs.

If you are only interested a single lab, and are applying to UTA with the intention of joining that lab, you should tell us that and open a dialog with the Principal Investigator of the lab early in the application process.

For those students opting to rotate, the faculty you indicted an interest in will have been informed of your intentions and will be in contact with you. You should meet with the faculty members as soon as you arrive to finalize your rotation schedule.