Snakes of Dallas Fort Worth and Nearby Vicinities

Texas is an excellent state for herpetologist.  From the deserts, coastal areas, tropical forest, pine forest, cross timbers forest, hill country, prairies, and areas in between there are more than 170 documented species of amphibians and reptiles.  However, this may be of some concern for individuals with a less than enthusiastic outlook towards these creatures, namely snakes.  In the Dallas Fort Worth vicinity, there are at least 39 varieties of snakes.  Of these 39, only 7 are venomous.  Fortunately these are relatively easy to identify.  For any assistance with identifying a snake you have found you can either consult this guide or email a jpeg of the snake in question (email).


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Venomous Snakes of the Dallas Fort Worth area

Non-venomous Snakes of the Dallas Fort Worth area

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