Managing Your Course

Copy Your Course

Follow these instructions to copy materials and Blackboard course structure (blogs, discussions, tests) from one course shell to another. You can transfer a course from one semester to the next or transfer one course into multiple sections.

Important: If material is missing from the course shell after receiving the confirmation email, DO NOT re-copy the course.  The copy process may still be processing in the system.  If the material does not appear after 24 hours, contact CDE Support.

QUICK STEPS: Copying Your Course

1. Log in to Blackboard and select a course you want to copy. This is your source course.

screen image showing list of available courses

2. Go to Control Panel and select Packages and Utilities.


screen image showing the drop-down menu for selecting packages

3. Scroll to section 2 and click the Browse button to view your course list.

screen image showing the browse form for selecting the course to copy

4. Select the course you want copy into. This is your destination course. Click Submit. (If you have numerous courses, there is also a search function to locate the desired course.)

screen image showing the submit screen for course selected to copy

5. Scroll to section 2 and choose which materials and items you want to transfer from the list. To transfer the entire course, we recommend that you check every box keeping in mind the following exceptions: 

• Do not select any of the checkboxes within Settings.

Select Options for Copy

6. Scroll to section 3. Choose the Copy links and copies of the content (include entire course home folder) option to ensure that your files are properly copied.

7. Click Submit.

Copy Links

8. The action will queue and you will receive a green confirmation bar.

Course Copy Queued message

9. In a little while, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that the course was successfully copied. Please wait to receive this confirmation before proceeding. It may take a few hours for the confirmation to be sent, especially during high traffic times on Blackboard.

You have now completed the course copy process.

Confimation of Course Copy