Getting Started

Faculty/Staff Resources

How Do I Use Blackboard?

Simply log in and get started! CDE Training provides face-to-face classes, webinars, and other online training materials to help you build your course. Refer to the FAQs to view common questions. Refer to the Start of Semester checklist to ensure your course is ready for students.


One-day, two-hour sessions and open lab sessions are held weekly.  Check the Workshops for sessions and sign-up information.


If you can't make a workshop, contact CDE Training to request an online webinar.


Instructional materials are available for learning on your own, such as On Demand videos and How To… pages.

Getting Started with Courses

  1. Logging in to Blackboard: What is my ID and how do I log in? What if I can't log in?
  2. MyMav Policies: How do I access my Blackboard course?
  3. Learning About Blackboard: Can I attend a workshop or webinar?
  4. Managing My Course(s): How do I upload my syllabus/files or duplicate a previous course? Can I merge multiple course sections?
  5. Course Availability: How do I give students access to my course?
  6. Common Technical Problems: I am experiencing problems inside my course.

Getting Started with Organizations

  1. Request Access: How do I gain access to an Organization?
  2. Upload Files: How do I upload files for my Organization?
  3. Enroll Participants: How do participants gain access to my Organization?