Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Course Policies

Learn about policies regarding course creation, duplication, access, merging courses, and other important information. See Course Policies.

MyMav Policies

Learn about policies affecting MyMav and Blackboard integrations, including course creation, faculty assignments, and more. See MyMav Policies.

Using Publisher Building Blocks In Blackboard

Many textbook publishers offer course cartridges, Blackboard integrations, and other content for use inside the Blackboard LMS. If you are considering adoption of a digital text book with extended publisher’s services for use in UTA’s Blackboard, please contact UTA’s Center for Distance Education well in advance of adopting the textbook. We can assist in evaluating the publisher’s services and advise you of any support issues that could limit our ability to support you and your students in using a publisher’s services. See Using Publisher Building Blocks for an explanation of the policy for using these tools.